Mobile Sales

The Orion’s coverage app is design to expand the company’s horizons and, at the same time, optimize the info registration generated by the sell force.

The app allows to create orders as the sellers go to visit different clients. How they do it? Simple, they use the product’s information that is currently on-line such as:



·Product information and pictures

The sell force has also access to the clients information:

·Accounts Receivable

oList of outstanding invoices

oRecording receivables

·Invoices issued on the current period

oView the PDF of all the published invoices

·Client’s data such as address, telephone, e-mail, WhatsApp.

It is also possible to sync all of this information with the mobile device in order to use it when you’re off-line, this gives the benefit to work non-stop, even without a network connection, for as long as it is necessary. When arriving to the company you may sync all the orders made on the move.

Now you can have the company’s information in the palm of your hand!

Orion’s App allows to place orders in a snap. Just a few seconds and you can add all of the products your client wants, save the order, and bill it. You can also see all the invoices published recently as well as the outstanding liabilities and receivables.


The APP allows faster communication to be nearer current costumers and creates trust in order to generate leads.

Orders on the move? On your server in a flash!

We want to help you work faster and efficiently. Our app allows you to take orders and save them in order to send them immediately to the server.


The coverage app allows the seller to see all the pending liabilities of the costumers. The salesman may also register all the payments made on the move to the account receivable.

Easy registration of payments, whether in cash or in checks


The invoices are extremely important for many reasons, some of them such as helping to resolve disputes regarding to payments made by customers. With the app you may see all of the client’s bills and use them when you believe necessary.


Only the mobile devices that are registered on the main server have access to the company’s data. Also, only the users that have access to on-line information may use it. You may also implement additional controls to specific users, for example an user that in only allowed to see and use information of certain group of clients. 11

No Internet connection? No problem


Once the network is set up the users may use the app, consult and create orders. The information comes directly from the main server so the data is updated regularly. Similarly, if you send an order it is delivered to the main server instantly and after processing it will be available for the rest of the staff to see.


For all of those scenarios where the internet network is not stable or simply does not exist, the user may sync all of the data before visiting clients. The mobile device will register all of the relevant information until that given moment and then he will be ready to go. The user now may continue his daily route with all of the data that will help him to register new information that he will eventually sync with the main server when connected to a stable network.