Telephone Central Administration
Informatic System designed for auditing telephone calls made from and to the telephonic central of your company
• Call charging. • Lists and estadistics of the calls made by the user and your company´s staff. • Verification of the alarms that show time abuse, schedules, restringed numbers, in detailed and estadistic listings.
ACT receives information that your telephone central constantly sends, this information is intelligently processed for you to supervise in a simple way the received and made telephone calls, its cost and duration. No paper work needed and inmediatily done. Could I save money using ACT? Of course, since it is installed all the staff knows that someone is watching over them, and it would be impossible to avoid responsability, bacause ACT knows what user is making the call and what number is been dialed. • People could be classified in departments and companies to make the organization of information easier. • And much more... In brief, the Administrator of telefonics center ACT, offer you total control of the incoming and outgoing calls of your company, avoinding the excessed telephonic services and therefore significant money savings.